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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.4

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Monday morning has Alton feeling decided better from his cold, thankfully. He works on his athletic most of the day, while Andrea plays on her own (it’s a snow day for her).

In the evening, the mafia man showed up again and took all cash we had on hand. I wonder what he’s like normally, because every time we see him he seems so angry!

Tuesday, Andrea has her first day of school.. and wouldn’t you know it, she comes home sick! She had a great time, however, and won’t stop talking about her new friends and teacher. I finally get her to stop talking long enough for her to go play, and I take the time to clean the house a bit.

Alton spent more time working out, since he couldn’t go to school with the current restrictions. I don’t know who was more upset about him not being able to go to sleep.. him or me! I feel better knowing he’ll be cared for when I’m gone. He also spent some time on the phone with his childhood friend, Allison, and I have to wonder if there might be something else going on between them now.

Tiberius came home with a promotion to Principal, and was just thrilled to be so close to his goal. I can’t believe it’s happened so fast, but I guess when you’re really driven good things can happen. He then spent some time working on his logic.

Tonight was zombie night with the full moon, so everyone had to stay inside to be safe. We had a nice family dinner, and I was able to make hamburgers. Everyone was glad to have a change from the hot dogs and peanut butter and jelly we’ve been living on.

On Wednesday, Andrea had another day of school, although she was upset that the field trip her teacher had planned got cancelled without notice by the district superintendent. Sometimes these restrictions are really a pain.

Alton stayed home again, and I don’t know whether it was having to stay home or something else, but he was really in a mood. Luckily working out got most of his aggression out.


I set the grill on fire when I tried to make dinner – guess I should have been keeping it cleaner. Luckily I was able to put the flames out before they spread and did too much damage.

Thursday was a pretty ho-hum day, other than the fact that it was Tiberius’ birthday to adulthood. He seemed more stressed than usual… I don’t know whether it’s working so hard all the time or a midlife crisis, but he was definitely short in the temper department.

All of us had stayed up too late last night (since dinner had been postponed due to the fire) and needed to take naps when they got home from their activities. In other words.. not much got done today.


Oh, one strange thing did happen.. there seems to be a winter gnome that keeps moving himself around the house. Today, he was by the radio and it turned on all by itself. Very weird. He never moves when you’re looking at him, but he’s definitely moving. Unless it’s Alton, playing tricks on me again… which, come to think of it, is entirely possible. He has been strangely well-behaved lately.

The school’s prom got cancelled tonight by the superintendent… can I say that I can’t wait until Tiberius replaces him?


I spoke too soon. Friday I ended up soaked again from a booby-trapped toilet, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Andrea. Things like that just don’t occur to her.. plus, she’s been busy playing by herself and that doll she got in the mail after she was born. I ended up mopping the floor as I left dirty puddles everywhere.


Also, Alton seemed surprisingly absent, spending most of the day outside making snow angels and snowmen. If all added up that he was probably to blame. I keep hoping he’ll start to grow up soon, but today is obviously not that day.

Tiberius came down with a cold, but still managed to get his charisma and logic both up to level 7 (since he didn’t have work today). Hopefully all this work will pay off for him soon. He’s trying so very hard to make the changes he’s sure will help forestall the apocalypse that he barely has time for the rest of us. Hopefully that will change when he’s Superintendent, but the way things have been.. I don’t know. He may be just as busy after that key promotion.

Andrea started a new hobby/obsession today – writing. She seems to want to tell everyone’s story, and she started out with one about the aliens I had told her I’d met.

On Saturday, Alton was acting suspiciously, and I was sure I saw a little pink letter get sneaked out to the mailbox addressed to Allison.

Andrea spent most of the day tying away at the computer, finishing one book and starting another. She announced at dinner she was going to be a star journalist when she grows up, and tell the world how bad things really are in Twinbrook.

On Sunday, Alton managed to get his athletic skill up to rank 7.. he’s really getting strong these days. I feel less worried that he’ll get pushed around when he joins the mob like he wants to.

Tiberius got both his logic and charisma skills up to 8, and feels sure his speech is going to be a success tomorrow at the elections for the next District Superintendent. I hope it is, because I can’t imagine how upset he’ll be if he has to wait any longer to make the changes he’s planning.

Andrea finished her second book, one on after-school clubs and sports that used to be popular before the apocalypse and how they should be reinstated. She even managed to get it to a publisher for a small income! Her writing skill is now 5, and even I can see how talented she is.. and it’s not just me being her mom!

Monday was the day of elections. School was cancelled due to the snow, and Alton was back in his teen aged mood swings. I told him to work out, hoping that would get his mind back in the right place.

Andrea was.. again.. writing. It’s a good thing that computer is basically a glorified typewriter without any connectivity, because with her new obsession, nobody could pry her away from it. Her new book is apparently a drama.. but she hasn’t said anything more than that about it.


In the afternoon, Alton invited his childhood friend, Allison Bennet over … and I have to confess, I spied on them through an upstairs window. There’s definite sparks there.. and I managed to see a kiss or two before I almost got caught!

Tiberius came home a winner! All the changes he had planned are now possible as he is now the District Superintendent and is in charge of the education in this county. He’s sure other districts will soon pick up on the changes he’s making, as well. He brought home homework for Andrea from her teacher, saying that there were more things they would be able to learn now that the teachers were allowed to actually TEACH!

Andrea immediately began her homework, thrilled to be able to learn, and had it done in record time. (Of course it’s a record, because it’s the first time she’s gotten to do homework at all!) Alton, too, seemed thrilled at the prospect of his first day of high school.. but I have a feeling that it’s more because Allison will be there than the opportunity to learn.

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