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Falcon Apocalypse Chapter 1.3

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Alton had another snow day, and stayed home reading books. I feel sorry for him, he wants to learn so badly and the school is closed. I didn’t have time to spend with him, though, with taking care of Andrea.


She said her first word today.. ghost. I wonder what that says about her future. Hopefully nothing!

Monday. That mafia man was back again. I wish there was a way to keep our meager savings, but we give it up to keep our family safe. Tiberius got another promotion, this time to Department Head, and he really feels like he can make a difference and get his ideas out there. Between work and skilling, he barely has time to spend with us. I know why, but sometimes I’m jealous of his work!


Andrea finally potty trained today.. and walking wasn’t far behind. She seems to have taken a shine to the writing books we left laying around for her to read. I hope she will be able to use this skill as she grows up.


Alton’s friend from school came home on the bus today (he finally had school again!) – how she got the clearance for that, I’ll never know. They spent most the afternoon playing outside in the snow, and he built his first “classic” snowman. It’s good to see him socializing.


We had a small family party for Andrea as she had her birthday today. Isn’t she cute? Now she’ll have to get used to being stinky like the rest of us.

I came down with a cold, so I’m glad to take a break from toddlerhood to rest.


Alton and Andrea both had a snow day today, and spent most the day playing together. I spent the day cleaning the house and playing chess. They were so noisy in the house I finally bundled them up in their winter clothes and sent them outside.


Through the window, I watched them play tag for a while, then settle down to build a snowman.


I was surprised to see how creative Alton is getting – this snowman was a Hockey snowman. After this, they had a rousing snowball fight before they finally got too cold and came back in.


We had a family dinner of pb & j in honor of Tiberius’s promotion to Assistant Principal. After the kids’ exercise, I noticed they both had hearty appetites.

It appeared that Alton caught my cold, so over the weekend he was sick and spent much of his time resting and recovering.


Sunday was Alton’s birthday, he finally became a teenager! He is Perceptive, Athletic, Artistic, and a Workaholic. He has also been talking about wanting to join the mob when he grows up. [he rolled master thief as job] Why, I don’t know, but it makes sense with all the trouble he likes to get into.

After growing up, his first priority was his Athletic skill, despite the fact that he’s still sick. Andrea spent the day playing with her toy and taking what she called a “joyride” on our couch. She also ruled the table for a while.. she has such an imagination. Tiberius and I spent the day working on charisma. He is practicing his speech to open up the school for teens as well, although he’s not high enough in the ranks to get it done yet. Practice never hurts!

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