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Castaway Shores Chapter 1.4

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Week 3 Day 1, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Look at the dead plants!

I woke up the next morning to a completely destroyed garden. Again, it was raining, but building a garden fence was not going to wait. I finally felt better, though, I guess rest does cure everything. Digging post holes took me most of the day, but at least it gave me quite a workout.

My new garden fence

Week 3 Day 2, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I went out jogging and exploring again today, and picked out a perfect spot for a park or festival grounds. I also sent off a note to Fransisca about the possibility of a small military base for the island. there were too many ideas in my head to count, but those two were the top priorities… other than getting some more residents into the city. I was half sure that if I could build a decent house for Fransisca, she might take the plunge and move to paradise with me. I also put my paintings out by the mailbox for Fransisca to sell for me.

More sharks!

It didn’t feel too much like paradise today, however, in the pouring rain while fishing for some food. I saw some more sharks today, but they didn’t seem interested in me or the fish I caught. By the time I got back in, the mail I’d left was gone, so I assume the mail person had come for the first time. It felt like such a rush to be able to communicate again! To my surprise, there was also a note that the water and electricity hookups should be working, a book on setting up circuits, wires and pipes, and some electric lights for my hut! I spent the rest of the day reading and tinkering with with my new “toys.”

After the sun went down, I studied the sky for a while, and discovered a new star!

Week 3 Day 3, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

After breakfast, I worked out, and could tell I was getting stronger. I also found a new seed and a shell, worked in the garden, and went fishing. Still raining.. I think that’s the worst part about fall here in the tropics. At least I won’t have to worry about winter, though!

Week 3 Day 4, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

In the middle of the night, the most astounding thing happened.. I was awoken to the sound of a camera taking pictures and the accompanying flashes. Groggily, I went outside to see what was going on. Would you believe the paparazzi has apparently shown up on my island. Her name was Rachael, and, despite the weirdness of the situation, I was immediately attracted to her. I invited her to sit by a fire and chat with me… and we spent most of the night getting to know each other. The boat came to pick her up to take her back to the mainland (which was apparently not too far away) in the morning, and I fell into bed, exhausted.

Consequently, I slept in… when I finally woke up in the afternoon, I made a phone call to Fransisca on my newly charged phone, and ordered a new double bed, end tables, a couple kitchen counters, a sink, some groceries, and a special something else… I had big plans for my little hut and that pretty lady I’d met last night! I spent the rest of the day expanding my hut in preparation for the bed and tables coming in the mail tomorrow.

My new expanded hut!

With my new expanded home, I was able to move the chess set indoors and even practiced a bit in the glow on my new electric lights!

Playing chess

Week 3 Day 5, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

First thing in the morning, I was up and dismantling my old bed – smelly as it was. Before long, I heard whistling coming from outside  – the mail was here! The mail lady, Edith, and I made short work of unloading my new furniture from her boat and setting it up in my hut. She was amazed to see how well I was living out here in the “wilds” as she called it. We spent the day socializing, and as the sun went, she left in her boat, promising to see me again on Monday. What a novel thought – I hadn’t put names to days in ages! Apparently she was adding our little island to her Monday and Thursday routes. I finally felt like an adult – running my own island – and man did I have plans for it!

Ahh… luxury.

Week 3 Day 6, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Sometime overnight, a mysterious little mariner gnome doll showed up on my beach. I’ve named him Fred, and placed him on the shelf by the chess board. By the end of the day, he had somehow moved out to the coffee table!

My new chin up bar

I started my morning with a workout and a shower, then called up Rachael and invited her out to my island again – I had a surprise for her. The ring I had purchased was burning a hole in my pocket as I waited for her at the site I had chosen for the island’s first park. I wanted her to see how perfect it could be for her to create a park – She had a natural Green Thumb, and loved gardening. I hoped she would approve!

It seemed like hours as I waited for her in the chilly Spring air. After she arrived, I showed her around the site, and talked seriously about my plans for the island. I could tell she was impressed. Giddily, we agreed to marry, and I slipped the ring on her finger.


Week 3 Day 7, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today was spent in domestic bliss, me tinkering on the sink, her playing chess (since it’s too cold outside to garden). The new kitchen was nearly complete. Eventually, I would order an oven for it, but for now, it felt like I was living in style!

Working on skills

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2 thoughts on “Castaway Shores Chapter 1.4

    1. Yeah, it’s a gorgeous world. I haven’t figured out where the spawners are, but it’s fun to be building the town up from nothing. It’s also my only save right now that’s NOT crashing and error-ing out. The NiF challenge is a fun one. I am tweaking the rules just a little by allowing the “inheritance” lifetime .. but I’m still only allowing it once per sim.

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