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Castaway Shores Chapter 1.3

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Week 2 Day 1, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

After that lightning strike yesterday, my first order of business was building a hut. I certainly had enough lumber from what I have found strewn about the island. I didn’t really know how to build a hut, but one of the books I had was a survival guide that outlined how to build one. It turned out better than I even expected! I also built a makeshift cot/bed so I wouldn’t get munched on by the sand fleas anymore. The whole operation took me most of the day, however, leaving me just enough time to fish for dinner and plant a Kona bean seed that I had found. What can I say, I miss my coffee! While fishing I managed to get both a red herring (which was delicious) and a perfect anchovy.

Week 2 Day 2, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Sleeping in a bed was heaven, and I didn’t miss the tent at all. After morning ablutions in the bathroom, I had an anchovy for breakfast and set out for the day. I improved on my hut a bit, building a bookcase out of an old rowboat I found on the island that didn’t float anymore (and believe me I tried). I also built a shelf for all the knick knacks I’ve aquired – shells and such.

Fruit trees!

I again wandered the island, finding a few more seeds, and planted a better garden. Vegetables sounded amazing after all the fish I’d been eating. I spent most of the day jogging and exploring, getting to know my island a bit better. I also discovered some fruit trees out on the island, and had a very welcome lunch of apples and pomelos. I found some flowers, which I picked, and foolishly got allergies from them. They looked really nice on my coffee table, though.

I also spent some time as it got dark tinkering with the bathroom – and promptly broke it. After fixing it, I decided enough was enough and went to bed. Tomorrow can be a better day.


Week 2 Day 3, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I spent a good portion of the day practicing painting, having moved the easel inside due to the rain. Staying dry was such a nice thing, although going out to tend to my garden just got me cold and wet. After warming up by the fire, I read some more from my cookbook, and discovered how to roast my fruit, which I then did.


Week 2 Day 4, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today was the first day of fall! I can’t believe I’ve been here all summer. The day started out sunny and gorgeous, so I played chess outside after a brief fishing jaunt and breakfast.

Then, my phone rang again. It was Fransica again. Apparently most of the rest of the people from the cruise ship had been rescued by another ship, and were back home. The island I was on (and the smaller islands I could see offshore) was owned by an old man who refused to sell to the corporation that had wanted to put a huge private resort here. He had, apparently, brightened up considerably when he discovered that his island had, literally, saved my life. He agreed to sell the land to me for what I had saved up… so now the island was.. officially mine! She also managed to reinstate the mail services, and even the water and electricity! Someone would be out in the next week to connect me to both grids, and to make sure everything was working as intended.

Shortly after that monumental phone call (which had drained my cell phone battery almost completely), the rain set in again, so I stayed inside and practiced my speech to welcome newcomers to the island I was going to name “Castaway Shores”.

Week 2 Day 5, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Today, I spent much of the time indoors, painting, due to the rain coming down outside. My painting skill was increasing, albeit slowly, and with it, the value of my pieces. Now that the mail service was going to be restarted, I was going to be able to sell them so I could keep up with the bills that would be coming as well.

Week 2 Day 6, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

Another day of rain… being in the tropics definitely had it’s downfalls! I spent the day painting, and trying to stay dry. I wasn’t completely successful and caught a nasty cold. Being sick is no fun, especially when there’s no one around to take care of you!

Week 2 Day 7, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I spent much of today in bed, sick, although finding a bottle washed up on my beach cheered me up immensely. Inside was what appeared to be part of a map. The full moon rose tonight, and I slept poorly due to strange crunching sounds outside my small hut. I refused to go out to check out what it was, though, thinking it might be wild animals.

Message in a bottle..

Chapter 1.2 <| > Chapter 1.4



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