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Sunset Valley Remodeling News


Today, I have every intention of getting the first wave of lots uploaded.

As mentioned in an earlier post, this will include the updated Library, Gym, School, City Hall, Community Pool, and Main Street shopping.

Updated Sunset Valley Library, includes Vault of Antiquity.
Updated Sunset Valley Library, includes Vault of Antiquity.
Updated Sunset Valley Gym
Updated Sunset Valley Gym – full-service gym – many more pictures to come!
The updated school playground from the back
School Playground 1
The updated school playground from the front
The updated school playground from the front
The updated city hall
The updated city hall
Community Pool, updated and beautiful!
Community Pool, updated and beautiful!
ballooning area on main street (although during debugging, it changed looks ever so slightly..
ballooning area on main street (although during debugging, it changed looks ever so slightly..
Fruit Stand added on main street, another great addition. in the update
Fruit Stand added on main street, another great addition. in the update

If all goes well, you may very well see the second Wave posted today, or tomorrow, as well – which will include an updated Art Gallery, Science Complex, Two updated fishing holes, a new exclusively beach fun lot (non showtime) and the Community Church (for weddings, parties, and meetings.)

Community Church
Weddings, parties, meetings.. it’s the place to be!

Wave three (based mostly on ambitions and premium content) will then include a Laundromat, Fire Station, Junkyard (Recycling Center), Nectary (Garden Center), Salon, tattoo and spa center, as well as a really cool mini-shopping mall with multiple stores for one stop shopping. (It will include a Pawn Shop (consignment), Toy store, Book store with coffee shoppe/cafe, a robot / electronics shoppe (with future portal), an elixir and alchemy shoppe, a Pet store, a comic book store with some arcade games, and a village wine tasting nectary cellar. The build is a new idea I had in the last couple days, and is coming along very nicely. Should be a lot that can be easily added into most worlds.)

In case you’re curious, the next “waves” are planned as well. Four is based on the Late Night pack, and includes the Film Studio, Diner with Local Watering Hole (50’s style with live band, bar, and rollarena), A Tiki-themed beach bar/casino for the gambling types, a Sports bar by the stadium with live music and plenty of pool tables, a SkyDiving center/ extreme sports entertainment area, and last but not least, a nice poolside dance club.

Hogan's Bar and Diner
Hogan’s Bar and Diner

Wave five is based on the pets expansion pack, and includes the equestrian center, a show grounds (as well as possibly some other horsey related lots like a racetrack, dressage arena, and cross-country course), the dog and cat park, and three more fishing hole upgrades.

Wave six is based on Showtime, and includes and upgrade to Old pier beach, adding more activities for folks, and a showtime stage. I’m also building “coffeeshop” venue (read more cafe than coffee – using the open for business stuff, with a showtime stage. There will also be a live show venue with karaoke and bull riding and bars to get up your nerve. Then, I have a Fusion lounge with a private showtime stage mixed with a lovely sushi restaurant and Chinese garden for ambiance. Lastly, but definitely not least, the “Alto Concert Hall” big stage venue.

Wave seven is based on the Supernatural pack and includes a fabulous Supernatural Hangout venue with a dart tournament section, all themed as a “small” cabin on a hill (but is much larger under the hill, like a wolf den.) Was definitely one of my more ambitiously difficult builds, but has performed fabulously in testing, and it looks really nice! I also have a Gypsy Caravan/ Fortune teller zone with miscellaneously magical stuff and a broom practicing course. Another ambitious remodel, taking the store Gothic Library and turning it into a Vampire Lounge with secret coven/clan hall, bars, elixir shoppe, dance area, spooky graves, a live music stage, and even a private show stage for the Gothic set. Last but not least, I’ve built a fairy garden/Arboretum park for the fairies to play at as well.

Wolff's Den Supernatural Hangout
Wolff’s Den Supernatural Hangout

Wave eight is one of the smaller waves in some ways, based on a combination of University and Island Paradise. I’ll be building a “Smugglers Hideout” rebel hideout building with a distinctly pirate theme on the beach (near where I’m hoping to add a “Smugglers Rest” shipwreck/dive site if all goes will in the next wave). I’ve also got a boardwalk/pier arcade and game “fair” – hoping to include the new rollercoasters coming out in December, and it will also have a nice bowling alley, as well. The other main thing I’ll be doing this wave, is creating various port facilities around the beaches for houseboats. After I’m satisfied with those, I will be building two commercial boats – one a disco club, the other an exclusive lounge / cruise ship.

Wave Nine is devoted to Island Paradise- hopefully including the four dive spots, as well as a “sunset valley scuba school” lot with a nice water sports shoppe, and that sort of stuff. I also have two resorts to add – one based on a fishing hole/cabin and tent backwoods type thing, the other a lovely beach eco resort for the well to do sims. Finally, I’ll also be adding a “sunset valley marina” lot more for looks than anything else, but I’m also hoping I can set it up for boat sales as well.. we’ll see.

The final wave, ten, will be basically a clean-up wave. building some empty houseboats, trying to set up the “hidden islands” features, and adding some more pet-friendly homes, including a few horse farms. Also, will be trying to make sure all homes have a crib and pet bowls to care for any additions.

Comments welcome! … <whew> now that I have all that written down, time to go get to work!




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