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Castaway Shores Chapter 1.2

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Day Four, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

The fourth day dawned bright and early, and with the return of the sun, I felt my spirits rise. I pulled the mirror out of the outhouse, and set it up behind it on a board. Why I would need a mirror.. I don’t know.. but for now, it worked to help me shave with the unfamiliar straight razor from the toolkit. I had no desire to end up looking like some scruffy island reject, and some self-care seemed definitely the order of the morning. I caught up on my journal, had a breakfast of my last anchovy, and set out to fish some more up.

However, as I was heading to my boat, I was thoroughly startled by the ringing of my cell phone. Scrambling for my pocket, I fumbled with the buttons, and, shaking, I whispered a scratchy “Hello?” Unfortunately, I was just in time to hear the click of the other party hanging up. Disappointed, but curious, I put the phone back into my pocket and headed out fishing. I didn’t fish for too long due to the rain starting back up, but I did catch some more anchovies and a jellyfish.

When I came back to what I was now thinking of as “my” beach, I ate a soggy and slightly burnt fishy breakfast, then set out to upgrade my bathroom. The handiness manual had outlined the way to make it clean itself, so I followed the directions scrupulously. Before long, I had a self-cleaning bathroom.. what a luxury!

Then, I studied a cookbook until I learned cooking – perhaps now I wouldn’t burn my fish for dinner. With the rain still coming down, the darkness seemed lonely, so I studied the stars and once again looked for any ships on the horizon. Feeling lonely, I crawled exhaustedly into my tent, and fell into a sound sleep.

Day Five, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

I woke to MORE rain, and had a lonely soggy anchovy for breakfast… but at least it wasn’t burnt this time! With some extra driftwood, I built myself a makeshift couch, coffee table, chess board and chair.

Ooh.. a rock!

Then, the rain suddenly cleared, and I took my bike out to explore the island a bit more. I found a gem, a rock, and a flower. I also managed to explore all the roads, and once again marveled at the perfectly laid out, albeit empty village.

Exploring the island

An idea to build a town here slowly started growing in my brain. I wondered who owned the island, and how to buy it. I was loving the island life, and college didn’t hold any appeal for me anymore, so I thought perhaps my savings to pay for that could go towards this land I’d found. The island was beautiful, and would make a nice place for a town.


Knowing my food supply was low, I saved enough daylight time to fish, and .. yay! .. I caught a nice-sized tuna. A large shark visiting my beach convinced me to head back in early.

Learning Charisma

Once I got back home, I studied a charisma manual in the darkening evening, and once the sun went down, I searched the galaxy.  I’d all but given up on ships, so the stars were what I studied. One of them appeared to be moving… towards me…

Sparkly lights…
Help! I’m being kidnapped!
Home again.. with a friend?

… Uhhh… aliens! Once they left, I went to bed, exhausted.

Day Six, Micah McCloud’s Adventure Journal

After last night’s adventure, I slept in, and the sun was well on it’s way across the sky before I managed to wake up. I had roasted tuna for breakfast.. what a treat! I was raining.. AGAIN.. what a day. Then, exploring my beach, I discovered what looked to be a fossilized shark tooth to add to my collection.

Chatting with Fransica

Then, suddenly, my phone started ringing. I was less surprised this time, and quickly answered it with a scratchy “Hello?” I turned out to be Fransica, from college, trying to get a hold of me. How the phone worked way out here, I’ll never know, but we chatted for quite a while. She promised to notify the proper authorities, and do some research on the island I’d landed on. I hoped I wouldn’t have to leave my new island, but there was nothing to be done one way or the other, now. The cat was definitely out of the bag.

After we hung up, I checked my phone battery, and saw it still had plenty of time left (thank goodness for the long life battery I had!), then decided to spend some time playing chess. I also tinkered with the bathroom some more, but didn’t upgrade it or anything.

Struck by lightning!

Once it got dark, I looked for stars again.. and suddenly, I was struck by lightning! Deciding this was the last straw for the day, I cleaned myself up in the bathroom, and went to bed in my tent.

Chapter 1.1 < | > Chapter 1.3



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