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So… Sunset Valley time!! (Wave 1 – Town Center)

Today, I’m getting started on uploading my Sunset Valley builds – which is the main thing I promised myself to get done before getting back to my challenges. I keep puttering around with them, improving, testing, building more, etc.. and procrastinating on actually uploading them. So, it’s way past time to get to work on it. My goal today is five uploads. More would be great, but I’m not stopping until I have at least five ready to go – and preferably the seven listed below. *determined face* .. lol. I’m going to start with some of my base game lot updates (the lots that are in the town center, mostly) – which are pretty much done anyway. I’ll do a listing below of the lots I have slated for this first wave of published lots with descriptions of some of the features I added or changed. (I will update with the exchange links and full descriptions when I have them completed)

  • The library – “Papyrus Memorial Library”-  updated with more chess sets and computers, added the vault of antiquity (supernatural), a LLAMA “phone booth” (also supernatural), and an upgrade to the kid’s playroom. (includes items from the store learning center) Completed and uploaded! 
  • The Gym – “28 Hour Wellness Gym” – this is a major update. I kept the architecture as close to the original as I could, but there are some major changes. The pool is intact, but has diving boards and a better decor to the pool area (mostly from seasons). I added an indoor basketball court (store content), indoor soccer arena (seasons), and a rock climbing room (store content). There’s also a cafe by the pool area (university item), and some updates to the locker rooms/bathrooms – partially to make room for a “babysitting” room (updates use island paradise, kids room uses store content). Upstairs, I have three small Martial Arts (world adventures) practice rooms, a weights and treadmill area, a workout “classroom”, as well as a ballet (store content) and “yoga” classroom. Lastly, there’s a small juice deck off the weights room. It’s been extensively tested, and seems to work really well, but I’m putting it through it’s paces one last time before upload. Completed and uploaded!    
  • The school – mostly, this is upgrading the playground. I’ve added stuff from Generations, Seasons, and the basketball hoop (store content). Also added some more bike racks, and a “phone booth” (LLAMA from supernatural). Status as of 7/8/13 – Built, tested, and retested, pics taken, ready for final upload and image work.
  • The Community Pool – “Le Petit Shark Pool Center” (the other pool is updated into a club, wait for later post) – I added a hot tub, water slide, diving boards, pool slide, juice bar, snow cone machine.. basically updated it with the new patch options and Seasons. Status as of 7/8/13 – Built, tested, and retested, pics taken, ready for final upload and image work.
  • The business office (very minor update) – basically, I added a coffee cafe (University) behind the building for the office workers on their “breaks”. My townies seem to like it – changing the lot to “visitors allowed” helps.
  • The City Hall (also minor update) – updated for University. Without the podium placed for protests, the townies always seemed to randomly wander around the lawn area. Status as of 7/8/13 – Built, tested, and retested, pics taken, ready for final upload and image work.
  • The main street (multi-rabbit hole area) – this is a slightly bigger update – mostly to add premium features. Aurora Skies’ hot air balloon has a lift-off area behind the book store, a LLAMA (supernatural) is by the theatre, and the vegetable selling and lemonade stands are near the grocery. Also, some minor landscaping and parking lot shaping, as well as bike racks added. Status as of 7/8/13 – Built, tested, and retested, pics taken, ready for final upload and image work.
  • Lots in town center I’m NOT publishing an update for: The Hospital and Police Station, in my opinion, don’t need updates, there’s plenty of updates around them, so they will work fine. I also have no plans to change the Bistro (or Day Spa, forgot about that one, added 7/7).
  • Town Center Lots waiting for the later “waves” – the Art Gallery, the second community pool (referenced above) and Hogan’s Diner (which I’ve added a really cool bar to). Central park is updated with the festival lot, but after some thought, I’m going to add to it with some other premium content (added 11/29). I also have four lots I placed in town center area that will be added with later waves- a laundromat, dog park, and cat park, and a newly conceptualized Java Hut (added 7/7).

After this wave, I’ll start working my way through each major expansion pack in each wave – I have not added every lot type to Sunset Valley, and each of the ones I DID add are specialized for something or other… for example, the bars are each designed for something – like a casino, a darts bar, pool bar, live music, or dancing.. or following a specific theme (based around which sims are attracted to that sort of bar or venue.) I wanted a town that had a bit of everything, and that I could go a certain place to do certain actions.. if that makes any sense. Anyway, time to head in game!



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

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