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I’m not dead.. really..

I will be updating and working on this blog some more in the very near future. With college starting, and my daughter’s new school starting the week after, things got hectic. Add to that – I discovered the week after that – my main harddrive was in the process of failing and wasn’t going to allow a simple upgrade to Windows 7 (which I needed for college classes). So I had to pull my entire computer apart and rebuild it. After said rebuild – while trying to install sims.. it turns out, sims won’t work at all. After what feels like YEARS I have it installed and working… kind of. The launcher is completely non-functional. I’ve talked to EA tech support twice, my call has now been escalated to the “big techs” – and I haven’t heard from them yet. However, the game seems mostly playable if I bypass the launcher – as long as I save a lot because it keeps crashing. Why, I haven’t figured out yet. 😦  I just wish everything would work!!!!

Beyond that.. the list of the challenges/games I’m currently working on: (I’m setting myself a limit of 5 challenges running at once, three to be updated weekly, the other two bi-weekly… since there’s a ton of challenges I still want to try, this should help me finish the ones I’m started and get to new ones!!)

  • Spectres of the Past” – a blogged/storied “Nothing is Free” + Apocalypse challenge (will be more than 10 generations – goal is to “finish” building the town and unlock all apocalypse restrictions). Once things settle down, I will be updating weekly.
  • “Mystery Project” – a blogged story based on some tests I’m running for a … well we’ll just call it a story I am writing (will be around 18ish generations). Will be updated weekly – expect the first post up in the next week or two. (I’m not calling this a challenge yet, it’s more of a fun story that I’m writing.)
  • “Harden for Prez” (temporary title?) – a commentary-style blogged challenge based on a combination of “Wishful Living” challenge and “Legacy by LTWs” challenge. Will be updated weekly, and will be WAY more than 10 generations – the goal is to have an heir or spouse complete every Lifetime Wish in the game…. (and yes, I’m crazy… obviously). I JUST started this one, expect a post on it this weekend.
  • Those Crazy Irish” – a blogged commentary-type ISBI (I’m surrounded by Idiots) challenge (10 generation challenge). Plan to update every other week.
  • “All My UN-Natural Children” – a victorian-themed “Supernatural Orphanage” challenge – blogged in commentary style. Daughter picked this challenge out for me to do and helped make the characters – I wanted to really get to know the new supernaturals. Major goal is to survive generation one and get all the munchkins married off with an heir – but I may extend it to a 5 generation challenge just for fun. Will be updated as time permits (around every other week). Will get a post up as soon as I finish building their house.. lol.
  • Random Legacy Challenge – will be starting one of these fairly soon to “round out” my challenge list.
  • Matching Builds – I want to set up a save file with each EA world.. with all the different expansions’ rabbit holes and venues installed, and designed to match. Will save time in the long run when starting a new game – just load up that “starter” save file and go. Will likely just go “in order” that they were released, so Sunset Valley will be first. Also plan to finish out my “Rustic” small-town matching lots. No time frame on this, just a project I want to work on if I ever get spare time. (Sometimes I don’t feel like dealing with moving sims, and I just want to build…)
  • Gimme more achieves!! – I am at only around 40ish achieves, I want to get them all, so to that end, I have three families set up to work on them, and when not in the mood to play a challenge due to school/life stress, or build anything – I work on these.

Meantime, happy simming all!!



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

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