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Welcome to Crazy Town!

Work, work, build house, try to find a suitable hubby, learn skills, run out of money… rinse repeat.

Oops… Repo-man. .. My table!? Really??

And then, because I was so shocked, and laughing so hard I cried.. I watched the above repo-man go into the unfinished “bedroom” and repo my Monarch butterfly.  Worth a whopping 0 simoleons.. and he TOOK MY BUTTERFLY!!!!! Seriously, just the thought of it still cracks me up.  This was a sim-memory I simply had to share with my entire family.  It even topped my daughters’ “almost catching the maid on fire” while playing her ISBI game on sims 2 (she couldn’t resist after watching me play … lol.  Anyway, on her challenge, her teenager decided to cook something – who knows what, I think it turned out to be rather crispy chili con carne, but the stove caught on fire… and the maid was there… and the counter by the stove was apparently dirty, so the maid was merrily cleaning said counter with the fire blazing practically on top of her.  Unfortunately, the Fire Dept. showed up too early and saved her before she died… but Devvie (my daughter) was quick enough to get a screenshot proof on it.  But still.. the butterfly repo totally won the day.  I was still laughing about it four hours later when my husband got home from work.  🙂

Ok… tangent averted, back to the game.  She’s a gardener, so I was trying to learn gardening without buying a book/tv or having to go to class – which is easier said than done.

Colette's first garden

.. get used to seeing the swim-suit.  She seems to like it.. a lot.  At least for gardening and daily house work (especially while pregnant later… yikes)  I had a lot of trouble finding a suitable guy for Colette.  The one I liked the sim-looks of the most (thinking future generations here!!) was this Gray Winters chap.. unfortunately… he was working as a mixologist at the Local Watering Hole – Alligator Sally’s.  (Dont ask- downloaded lot from another town, but it fit in the spot I had for it, and it works.)  As my luck would have it, mixologists are notoriously hard to pin down to get to know.  Talking to them at the bar is hit or miss, usually miss.. so I tried phoning him, with little success.  I had to get her up early for work and phone him before he went to work at 10 am – which didn’t help Colette’s sleep “pattern” any.  Tried finding other guys, but every even partially suitable candidate ended up being vampirized by Colette’s “night-loving” boss.  Finally, I decided to invite him over before his work-time one day, and put some time into a “get to know you” session.

Meet Gray Winters

Turns out, ironically enough, he had very recently changed jobs, and was now an acrobat .. well at least he can stay to chat awhile – but there goes my one command for his lifetime… 😦  (he won’t be able to stay an acrobat, because I can’t command him to go get gigs and such – so I’ll have to change his job).  During this “chat all afternoon” day, I attempted to get him to marry Colette.  However, a slight issue turned up after he’d accepted the “let’s date seriously” question and moved to the “let’s get hitched later” one.  Turns out.. he’s insane.. and he said no.  Well, doesn’t that beat all.  I manage to pick the one guy in town who happens to also be insane!!  So, he may have said “no”.  But he didn’t mean it, right??  So the next day, I invited him out on a REAL date, saved up enough money from work to pay for both a cheap dinner and a movie – and then tried proposing again.. and this time I got an agreement.

Colette's Hot Date
Colette’s Hot Date

.. And an instant wish to throw a bachelorette party.  Err.. ok.  So I admit, I hadn’t tried one of these in game yet since I got Generations, and I immediately invited Colette’s “friends” (read: co-workers and boss – who are mostly vampires due to the above-mentioned boss) to a party.  Of course, after paying for the date, there was no way I could afford to rent a venue, so I had the “party” at my .. well, “home”.  Okay, at least it has walls and wallpaper now! (sorta)  Colette’s first wish upon starting the party was to ask someone to make a toast.. so she did.

Make a toast

After this, at least one of the other guest showed up.. followed by a screaming fire truck.. wait.. a WHAT? … (daughter was at this point bored of her sims and heading to “play in her room” .. I convinced her to come back to see what the fire truck was.) .. Yep, you guessed it.  Stripper.  Who decided the house was so horrible he wasn’t even going to dance.. picked his stereo back up .. and ran outside to play in the garden sprinkler.  Between various vampires falling asleep on the floor, and the fireman in the sprinkler.. the party ended up verging on disastrous.. and Colette spent the rest of the weekend trying to catch up on sleep and house chores so she could have a decent wedding.  Then, I waited another couple of days to save the simoleons to rent a venue for the event.  It turned out lovely!

Colette's wedding
Colette’s wedding .. oo the shore.. the venues in the background…
Colette's wedding close-up
Colette’s wedding close-up

And hey, he even agreed!  Yay!  .. and moved in with.. oh joy .. a whole 2, 347 simoleons!  (hey, I can finish the bedroom!) .. and buy a cake!

Mmm. Cake.
Mmm. Cake.

Then, tried to do the whole traditional wedding dance.. which turned out so awful I didn’t bother taking a picture.

I'd rather have salad
“I’d rather have salad” says Gray…

However, once I got the wedding toast from the bartender.. Gray’s comedy began.. and he immediately avoided the drink, and ran for salad… what? .. yep.  Salad. .. ooookay.  So he ends up with the “stuffed” moodlet (ok, I peeked, I admit – I was already having trouble non-micromanaging by this point).

I send Colette home – Gray stays at the party venue… errr… hey.. it’s my wedding night… (clueless me sits there for a while, then figures out I can use the phone to “Call Everyone Home”… oo!) .. Yep.  Little hearts all over the bed, and a lullabye plays.  Yay!  Baby on the way!  Did I mention her lifetime wish is to raise five kids?  Oops.  Silly me.  His, aparently, is to be a monster-maker.  Yeah, right.  Not going to happen.  So he’s eccentric, insane, loner, genius.. what better place to stick him than teaching kids, right?  Sure.  Only I didn’t think about the Charisma requirement.  (roll eyes).  Oh well, he’s used his one action to switch from being an Acrobat.

Stay tuned for the generation one babies!  Girl or boy?  What do you think??

(Edit: 11/27/13 fixed images)



Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

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