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Lunar Lakes Equestrian center and Warrens lot upgrade for horses. (sims3 blog post)

(Published 2/18/2012 on the Sims 3 website)

I spent a couple hours.. well.. ok, more than that.. on doing a “quick” upgrade to the EA Lunar Lakes “The Warrens” lot.  Of all the existing lots I looked at, it seemed the most likely to be able to house a couple of horses.  I didn’t touch the house itself, other than to lessen width of one stairs, move a few walls and doors, and put some flooring in for the barn roof.  It’s designed to be a two-stall barn with tack area, grooming rack, and covered hay storage.  There is no race training posts included, but there’s full jump training available.  Full amenities for the horses, NO CC.  Should work just fine – although I have not play tested it yet.  PLEASE let me know if you find any problems with it.  – I uploaded some actual screenies from while I was building it if you want a closer look – should be under my studio ..

Also, I spent a rather long time building a decorated Equestrian Center for Lunar Lakes.  I designed it on the 15 Hyperion Way lot using the EA rabbit-hole building “Petite Pony” Center.  Also built in four individual pastures for horses with sheltered stalls and full amenities.  There is also a sand lighted arena for training, warm-ups, and practice. (I suppose one could say even the lessons could be held there?)  Full jump course, and a line of flame jumps for the advanced teams.  Cavaletti (training jumps) included on the side, and a race track around the outside.  Arena is fully lit for even late night practices.  Items used should ONLY be from Pets and Lunar Lake (or base game).. and no CC was used.  I have not actively play-tested it yet, but everything should work.
I’ve ridden horses in real life for 25+ years of my life, so there’s practical experience included in the lots.. hopefully.. and they’re as “realistic” as I could make them.  I also have a “Horse Ranch” training grounds community lot in progress, as well as Dog Park and Cat Jungle lots.  New to this uploading created lots thing, so PLEASE let me know what you think of these lots!
Added: pics and links….
Lunar Lakes Equestrian Center pic
Designed by IllusoryThrall. NO CC! Four individual pastures with sheltered stalls and full amenities. Large lighted sand arena with race training and a full jump course, including fire fences. and training jumps. Designed for 15 Hyperion Highway. Look for the companion Horse Ranch/Training Grounds Community Lot! Please let me know if you find any issues with the lot. (Uses the Petite Pony EC)
Wander the halls of this meandering house with its many domed roofs as it blends seamlessly into the surrounding forest. Lunar Lakes Lot – Updated by IllusoryThrall to house horses, too. A full jumping training area, covered decorated barn with two stalls and tack area. Hitching rack in barn area for grooming and saddling. Hay storage area – fenced and covered. NO CC! Very little was done to house, no furnishing changes, I simply added the stables. Check my blog for more pictures.  More Pics!


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