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First blog post… Queen Bee Challenge underway! (sims 3 blog post)

(published 1/29/2012 on the Sims 3 site)

I’m actually doing a bit of a variation of of the Queen Bee challenge at the moment. I had the rules for the Sims 2 Queen Bee challenge printed out, and my 12 year old daughter was looking through Challenges for her Sims 2 game (her computer doesn’t run Sims 3) and she picked this one….. and then promptly challenged me to play along.

Basically, the challenge asks you to start a female sim as your “queen bee” – and keep making baby “bees” until you have a total of 60 babies from ten different fathers!  Each male “drone” moves in – NO marrying – and fathers six children with the mama “bee”.  Once all six babies are at least toddler age, he moves out and takes the “larvae” with him – and she begins again with a new “drone”.  There’s some interesting scoring, including a bonus point for each set of “natural” twins (or triplets), penalties for any deaths or social workers and a bonus point for each baby that has all “toddler skills” learned on moving out. (walk, potty, talk)  No cheats used except for moveobjects, and no turning into a “creature” – vampire, mummy, zombie (sims2), etc.
Here’s how it’s playing out:
My daughter started her “beehive” in Sims 2, and I started mine in Sims 3. She started as an “adult” (no college), while I started as a Young Adult. She started on a 5 by 5 lot (Sims 2) .. and to make the difficulty/money issues as close as possible, I started on a 64 by 64 lot. No money cheats are being used, or any other cheats besides the general building or un-sticking ones – mostly moveobjects. She started on a blank newly created neighborhood, I set up a world with a bunch of cookie-cutter houses with one master bedroom and two smaller ones, two bathrooms… and made sure I had all the different community lots. The only sim I actually moved in was my Queen, and same for her. Both of us found a male “townie” and moved them in and started producing babies… Since her sim will be using the Elixir of Life – and sims 3 doesn’t have that – I’ll be going for Life fruits. Working on gardening and cooking, but whether I get all the way to ambrosia – and can afford it (cringe) by the time she needs it after first “worker bee” or not is debatable. Additionally, since Sims 2 doesn’t really have the same sort of advantages in the aspiration rewards as Sims 3 does.. and I’m the more experienced player – I’ve elected to balance the challenges a little bit more by not buying any happiness rewards at all. It would be a completely unfair advantage if I got rewards that helped with .. say.. fertility, or ability to take care of kids.. lower bladder need, etc.  Also, I set my age sliders to be exactly what sims 2 has theirs at (well, the max time span for each life stage).  We’ll leave the assumption that all her babies will be going through college, since “young adult” stage is mandatory for sims 3, but not for sims 2 (and she hates playing college sims).The challenge is a good bit harder than I thought, however.. but playing on side-by-side computers with the same challenge, but different game versions is a lot of fun. I think we’ll be doing this with some other challenges, too, after this.

Oh, and I’m playing my sims 3 challenge on every expansion/stuff pack through pets (don’t have master suite yet) – she’s playing on a complete Sims 2 game – all expansions and stuff packs. One of the biggest challenges she’s come across is dealing with the weather from seasons – something Sims 3 doesn’t have yet. She already almost froze the babies and babydaddy due to shortage of funds to actually build a real house with roof and walls.. haha.. 🙂 It almost seems unfair that I don’t have to deal with it! I’m avoiding all vampire (or other race) “bees” as potential breeding partners, as is she, because the races are so completely different in each game.

“Challenge” will end when either the Queen bee dies, or becomes unable to produce more biological childred (turns elder).  Whoever has the most LIVING kids at the end wins.  In the event we both gets to 60 children, we’ll total up our points and either pick a winner from that, or pick the last-born female child, and promote her to “queen” and keep going.  She is currently up to four children and one in the oven… she managed TWO sets of natural, not-cheat or cheesecake twins.  I’m struggling to catch up with two babies born, and another pregnancy underway.  What I’m finding most difficult currently is getting everything done with the toddlers in their minuscule four days as a toddler!!  Somehow the toddler stage always seemed longer when playing on Sims2….


Mom to an active and opinionated 17 year old. Have a wonderful husband who allows me to keep my Sims addiction. ;) Also, an avid crafter, mostly knitting and (some) crochet, but some needlepoint and cross-stitch as well. When I have time, I also enjoy reading and music.

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