100 Day Creativity Challenge Rules

This challenge is all about stretching your creative muscles. You know the saying – “Practice makes Perfect”? – well, it reflects a truth that practicing something will make you better at it. I, personally, used to be quite bad at building, but through practice, I’ve gotten better. Now, CAS seems to be my achilles heel in Sims, and something I usually avoid… so I’ve decided to force myself to do some sim-making. There’s a lot of challenges out there for doing a number of CAS themes or build themes, but, as far as I know, there isn’t one that combines the two skills. I used ideas from as many different CAS challenges as I could find, and then changed them to suit what I thought would work. I tried to make things neither too specific or too generic, and to pick stuff that most people can relate to. I made a list of 100 of the best ideas I came up with (because that’s a nice round number) and randomized the list several times on the random.org website. The hardest part was then fleshing out each of the ideas. The list below is the result of hours of work, which was hopefully worth it. My hopes is that other simmers will find this challenge and help fill the gallery with themed sims and builds under the #100daycreativity hashtag.

How to Play

For each day/theme listed, make a household (one or more sims), then make a build based on that theme. By “Build” – I mean either build the Sim-household that you made a house, make a venue based on the theme, or – at the very minimum, build a room (or rooms) following the theme guide. I have tried to give some ideas for each theme to get you started. Do not feel like you have to do this each and every day, or even that they have to be done in order. Work through the list at your own pace and in whatever order you want – remember – this is for fun! Feel free to print off this list and cross stuff off as you go. Since the list is already randomized, you can start at the beginning and not feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over, or you can use a randomizer to roll for a number, and be really random. Another way to play would be to just pick and choose what is inspiring you on any given day.

Cheats: Money cheats are perfectly alright, do whatever you need to be able to build whatever you want. Build cheats are also okay, make a note if the lot will require Move Objects on. Debug cheats, cas full edit mode and unlocking career objects is also fine.

Expansion Packs: The beauty of this challenge is that you can do it without having the expansion packs. You’ll have more options if you use more packs, but it’s completely do-able without the packs. If a theme calls for, say, an alien, and you don’t have Get to Work – be creative, make a regular sim that looks as alien as you can.

Custom Content/Mods: These are allowed if you’re the type of person who likes using them. Again, make a note if it needs CC to be downloaded. Going mod and CC-free is another way to go, and might be a good way to really challenge yourself.

World Set-Up: If you want, make a completely blank save (or download one, there’s plenty of them out there), and put each build/family you make on a different lot. This will allow you to look back on previous creations. Of course, there’s no need to actually make a save for this at all if you don’t want to save things, because you upload your creations directly from the CAS or Build mode screens. I, personally, will be making a world full of my sims and builds.

One More Note on diversity, inclusivity, and stereotypes: Yes, most of my listed themes are based on typical stereotypes, but I’m absolutely not knocking on any of them. This is about celebrating them, not making fun of them. Different races and genders are good and encouraged, except for where race or gender is specified in the theme description. Make your sims and your builds as diverse as you can! The goal here is to be creative, so if your creativity points you in a direction that would “break” one of the challenge “rules”, feel free to bend them to suit your needs. The only rules I ask that you NOT break are – don’t try to steal someone else’s creation or ideas as your own, and don’t make a creation meant to make fun of someone. Some of the themes require you to download someone else’s Gallery submission and give it a makeover – try to make sure to note and thank the original poster in your upload description!

Sharing Your Creations

Upload your creations to the gallery once you’ve finished them! Use the hashtag #100DayCreativity so that everyone who works on this challenge can find things easier. Part of the fun of the challenge will be seeing what other people’s ideas are, because everyone is different, and nobody thinks of exactly the same thing when presented with a creative challenge. 

Themes by “Day”

  1. Zombie/Graveyard
    • Sim(s) Creation: Type of Zombie is completely up to you, as well as whether you want a single sim or a zombie horde.
    • For the Build: a suitably run-down home or church-type building with a ruined graveyard on the side. 
    • For a Room: a graveyard room for outside of any home/venue.
  2. One Sim, Different Ages
    • Sims Creation: Make a sim of any age, then save and copy that sim and change the age. Goal is to make 6 sims (toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, elder) based on the same sim. Try to make them look as different in style as possible without changing their facial features and body types.
    • For the Build: Build a house for your “family” of six sims: try to give each their own room to match their hair and clothing style.
    • For Rooms: make six different rooms as above, but they don’t need to be arranged into a functional house.
  3. Cartoon
    • Sim(s) Creation: Take one of your favorite cartoons as inspiration and create a sim or sim-family to represent character(s) from the cartoon.
    • For the Build: Make a house or venue (or room) based on the world of your cartoon. Make it as unrealistic as you want.
  4. Alien
    • Sim Creation: Create an alien Sim and their disguise. If you don’t have Get to Work, make an alien-looking Sim.
    • For the Build: Make them an alien-themed home base somewhere in the Sim world other than on Sixam. Use debug cheats to get to the alien plants and decor.
  5. Weird Sim/Mismatched House
    • Sim Creation: Go wild. Make the weirdest sim you possibly can.
    • For the Build: Build him or her (or them) a house in which nothing matches. Purposely try to make a horrible build. It’s harder than you’d think.
  6. The Non-colors: white, black, brown, grey
    • Sim Creation: Make a monochrome sim in one of the above colors. If you’re feeling ambitious, make more than one of the colors.
    • For the Build: Build them a house/room(s) to match the color you picked.
  7. Techno music/dance/rave/nightclub
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that lives for the music. Be colorful!
    • For the Build: Build them a house or a Nightclub. Make sure to have a place for the dancing and music – use DJ booths and dance floors if you have Get Together.
  8. Valentine’s Day/date night
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim-couple. Make them match.. Or make them completely different, the choice is all yours. Remember, you don’t have to be completely traditional here.
    • For the Build: Build them a place to get married or take their honeymoon. 
  9. Librarian/bookworm
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who lives to read. 
    • For the Build: Build a house for your bibliophile – or a library room or venue. Think books. Lots of books.
  10. Indian/Middle Eastern Influence
    • Sim Creation: Make a Middle Eastern sim. Use a picture to get the features right if you can.
    • For the Build: Look up architecture from the region, and try to make a home based on it. Can be as small or large as you want.
  11. Hobby (knitting, bowling, baking, fishing, photography)
    • Pick a hobby that’s in your Sims 4 game. Use the list I provided, or the hobby list on createarandomsim.com to pick one.
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who’s obsessed with the hobby you picked. Make their style reflect their hobby.
    • For the Build: Make a house, venue, or room based on their hobby – be creative.
  12. Crazy cat lover
    • Sim Creation: Make your own “crazy cat lady” (or man!). If you have Cats & Dogs, feel free to make them one or more companion felines.
    • For the Build: Build them a sanctuary of their own.
  13. Jock/athlete
    • Sim Creation: Create an Active sim, make them their own style.
    • For the Build: Build a home or a Gym venue for your athlete. Make sure there’s a “dedicated” home gymnasium if you’re building a home.
  14. Villain/evil lair
    • Sim Creation: Create an Evil sim. Feel free to use a classic villain from literature or film for your basis, or just make your own.
    • For the Build: Every good Villain needs a lair to call home – make them one!
  15. Vampire/gothic
    • Sim Creation: Create a vampire. If you don’t have the Vampire pack, you can still do this – just make them as vampire-like as you can.
    • For the Build: Build them a gothic horror of a home or lair. Make sure to include a basement or dungeon so they can hide from the sun during the day.
  16. God/Goddess
    • Sim Creation: Make a God or Goddess either from your imagination or from mythology. 
    • For the Build: Build them a temple. (Can be designed as residential). Think about what sort of people might worship them, and who would visit the temple. Use your imagination, or go from history. 
  17. Latin Music/Spanish influence
    • Sim Creation: Make a Hispanic sim. Or – someone who lives for Latin Music. 
    • For the Build: Make a Spanish Influenced home. 
  18. Winter Season/Arctic/Tundra Biome
    • To get snow in your upload pictures (if you want and have Seasons), remember that you can use the Weather Generator to change the weather in live mode, or I’m fairly sure you can use the MCCC mod to change in-game seasons.
    • Sim Creation: Create a sim who loves Winter, or who lives in the Tundra, Arctic, or Antarctic. Dress them appropriately.
    • For the Build: Build them a place to get warm!
  19. Spring Season/gardener
    • Sim Creation: Create a Gardener – whether they specialize in flowers or just love all plants. Give them outfits that reflect flowers, plants, or just the spring season.
    • For the Build: Make a Gardener’s paradise. Think lots of plants. Everywhere. Use this theme as a time to practice your landscaping skills.
    • For a Room: Build a Greenhouse. Feel free to use Debug to add plants, or just use the decor ones.
  20. Foodie/Chef
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who lives for food. It’s up to you as to whether they like eating it or just cooking it, or both.
    • For the Build: Build a home for them with a big kitchen, or a restaurant. (Or both!)
    • For a Room: Build them a dream kitchen.
  21. Spellcaster/Magic/Witch/Warlock
    • Sim Creation: Make a magic-using sim. If you have Realm of Magic, make a Spellcaster. If not, get creative and design your own type of magic-user. You could even base it off of fiction – book or film – if you wanted.
    • For the Build: Build them a home with a place for them to practice their craft. Whether it’s a tower or a basement, or an outside haven, find a place for them to store any reagents they might need, and feel free to use debug to get those items.
  22. Doctor/Hospital/Patient
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that has physical health problems, or someone to cure someone with said health issues. Examples: a terminally ill cancer patient, or the heroic Doc that saves them when there was supposedly no hope. Being imaginative and creating a sim with a physical disability is also okay.
    • For the Build: Build a hospital or convalescent home. Again, remember that the debug items are there, and you don’t necessarily need Get to Work for this, but it would be helpful. 
  23. Dog lover/Trainer
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that loves canines. Whether they’re a breeder, a trainer, or just a pet owner. If you have Cats & Dogs, make them some furry friends, too.
    • For the Build: Build a kennel, either home or professionally. Alternatively, build a Vet Clinic or a Dog Park (or a rescue center). Use your imagination, and make a place that’s good for both the sim and their pets.
  24. Halloween/All Hallows Eve
    • Sim Creation: Have some fun with the costumes they include with Sims. Whether you make just one sim, or make a group of Trick-or-Treaters. Make sure to make the sim under the costume, too. Don’t just hit “random” and toss a costume on them!
    • For the Build: Make a place for a great Spooky Party – whether home or venue. Alternatively, make a place for that particular costume to live. 
  25. Emotion/Mood
    • Pick an emotion or mood – it can be what you’re feeling now, one of the emotions included in Sims 4, or something else entirely. This is then your theme.
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim based on the emotion or mood you picked out.
    • For the Build: Build them a home. Be creative. Maybe include things to get them out of your chosen mood – or things that reflect the mood.
  26. Pirate/Ship or Nautical-themed home
    • Sim Creation: Think “Speak like a Pirate Day.” Go all out. 
    • For the Build: If you have Island Living, there’s some ship parts you can use to hide an underground treasure hoard. You could also build a mock ship, or a home base for your pirate (Maybe your Captain Hook or Blackbeard has a vacation home!)
    • For a Room: Build a treasure room. Or the inside of a ship. There’s a lot of possibilities here.
  27. Drag queen
    • Sim Creation: Okay, I admit that I added this one just for funsies. Have fun playing with gender options that Sims gives you.
    • For the Build: Build them a stage to perform on. Or a home to hold parties at with their friends. You could build a whole Lounge for them if you wanted, or just a single room.
  28. Stone age/Primitive
    • Not everyone wants to actively start something like the History Challenge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and make a couple of Neanderthal/Prehistoric Sims. 
    • Sim Creation: Make a male and a female sim. 
    • For the Build: Build them a hut to live in, or a campsite. You could also build a cave. Be creative. Don’t include any modern convenience items (or as few as you can).
  29. Rainbow: Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple
    • Sim Creation: Make six sims, one to represent each color. Have fun with their names and traits.
    • For the Build: Now take their traits to make each of them a room (either separately, or each of the six rooms inside a house with the rainbow theme) that matches their color and personality.
  30. Biker
    • Sim Creation: Make yourself a Biker Sim. I know we don’t have motorcycles in Sims 4, but imagine that we do. 
    • For the Build: Build them the stereotypical Biker Bar. Too bad we don’t have pool tables (yet) – but we do have Dart Boards and Bars. 
  31. Experiment gone wrong/Science Lab
    • Sim Creation: Exactly what I said.. Make a sim that’s the result of a scientific experiment gone wrong. Optionally, create the scientist that created them.
    • For the Build: Build a Science Lab – be creative – where did this experiment occur, what was it? What items did the scientist need?
  32. Tomboy/Backyard Treehouse/Clubhouse
    • Sim Creation: Make a female child or teen sim that’s never been into the girly side of things. One that likes getting dirty or messing up their clothes.
    • For the Build: Build them a backyard treehouse or clubhouse. Feel free to make it actually in a tree. It can be as small or big as you want.
  33. Classical Music/Renaissance-era Sim
    • Sim Creation: Build a sim who loves Classical Music, or inspired by Renaissance Sims. They could even be from the past. 
    • For the Build: Create a house for them, being sure to make them a place to listen to or create their music and the instruments to do it.
  34. Gallery makeover
    • For this one: Browse the gallery in-game for a Sim household, a lot, and a room. Search for whatever you’d like to – most popular, recent posts, horrible builds, or great builds. Can be with or without CC, your choice. Download one of each, and give them a makeover. Change up the colors, furnishings, even the floor plan for a build. Don’t be afraid to use full CAS edit mode. Make the creation yours. Don’t forget to credit the original poster, and note that you’re doing a makeover.
  35. Base Game Sim/House
    • Can you make a DECENT sim and a house that uses only Base Game assets? Give it a try. It’s harder than it sounds.
  36. planet/space
    • Sim Creation: Pick a planet, or a star, or anything that you’d find out in space. Now make a sim based on that. (And yes, an astronaut would qualify as something you’d find in space.)
    • For the Build: Build a Spaceship. Remember to use debug items, and be creative. Decor doesn’t have to be used for what it was originally intended as.
    • For a Room: Make a spaceship control room or “bridge”.
  37. Grassland/Savanna Biome/African influence
    • Sim Creation: Make a dark-skinned african sim. (Or Sims) Use colorful clothing!
    • For the Build: Build an African Village. Be creative! (And be wary of the wildlife!)
  38. Royalty
    • Sim Creation: Pick a real-life royal from any country (or make up your own!) and re-create them in your game.
    • For the Build: Build them a castle or palace. Be as extravagant as you want.
    • For a Room: Build a throne room for your member of the royalty.
  39. Mermaid/Ocean
    • Sim Creation: Make a mermaid sim. If you don’t have Island Living, make one inspired by mermaids. Decide whether they’ll be “good” or “evil” and dress/style accordingly.
    • For the Build: Make a home built for a mermaid. Include a place for them to “hydrate” properly. Doesn’t have to be made on the beach, or even on a stilt foundation.
  40. Hard Rock/Punk Rock/Metal Music
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who loves to “turn it up to 11”. 
    • For the Build: Build them an appropriate home or apartment. Make sure they have plenty of stereos – who cares what the neighbors think!
  41. Fall Season/Temperate Forest Biome/Camping Enthusiast
    • Sim Creation: Create a camping Sim. Or a Scout Master. Someone who likes the outdoors. 
    • For the Build: Make a campsite for your sim. If you have Outdoor Retreat, Granite Falls is a great place to build it. If not, make your own forest on a big lot. Include things to do!
  42. City-dweller/Apartment Lover
    • Sim Creation: Make an urban sim. Someone who likes the noise, and the fast pace of life in the city. Someone who likes the convenience of being able to walk to whatever they need.
    • For the Build: This is one of the only builds I ask you to use a certain type of lot. If you don’t have an expansion that has apartments, make an apartment building and furnish it. (Or furnish just the apartment your sim would live in if that’s too much work… then again, imagining the neighbor’s furnishings could be fun, too…)
  43. Sim-self
    • Sim Creation: Create yourself! Use a picture of them to try to get the features as close as possible, and then pick out things you might actually wear.
    • For the Build: See if you can create where you live, whether it’s an apartment or a house. Try to get things as close as you can to the correct floor plan and furnishings.
  44. Doll/Dollhouse
    • Sim Creation: Create a Sim based on a doll. 
    • For the Build: Make a dollhouse for them. Leave one side open, like it’s a “real” dollhouse.
  45. Actor/Theater/Movie Set
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that loves to act. Whether they want to be on Broadway or the Silver Screen. (No, you don’t need Get Famous for this!)
    • For the Build: Make a Theater Stage for them, or a set from whatever movie they’re working on currently. Could also make them a swanky home with all the modern conveniences.
  46. Asylum/Crazy/Insane Sim
    • Sim Creation: Just because they changed our “insane” trait to “erratic” doesn’t mean you can’t create your own sim that’s a bit off in the head. 
    • For the Build: Build an insane Asylum. 
  47. Time of Day
    • Pick a time of day – day, night, dusk, dawn, noon, midnight, etc. – use this as your theme.
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who loves that time of day. Think of what they might like to do at that time, and where they might do it. Create their style and look.
    • For the Build: Then, build them a haven based around your chosen time of day. Include plenty of activities that would be good for that time. (Remember: it doesn’t have to be a residential lot!)
  48. Grandma/Grandpa/Elder
    • Sim Creation: Make one of your grandparents, or one that you wish you had. 
    • For the Build: Make their home. If you don’t have a real grandparents’ home to design it after, use your imagination and make a comfortable house for them. 
  49. Hermit/Wetlands Biome/Swamp People/Stilt house
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that prefers to be on their own in the wilds, rather than be in a suburban or urban setting.
    • For the Build: Build a house/shack on stilts surrounded by water and “wild” landscaping. Feel free to add in something like a debug fishing pond if it fits in with your build.
  50. Spoiled Brat/Rich/Snob/Mansion
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that was born with a Silver Spoon. Could be a teenager (if so, maybe make their parents, too?) or someone who’s already graduated high school. Snob trait optional. 
    • For the Build: Build them a mansion. Remember to use plenty of Motherlode cheats. Make sure they will “want” for nothing – and adding a suite for a butler would be a nice touch.
  51. Asian Influence
    • Sim Creation: Make an Asian sim. Can be from any country, and no, they’re not all the same. I suggest using a photo for reference.
    • For the Build: Build them an Asian-influenced home. I know we don’t have a lot of non-CC Asian items, but do your best.
  52. Zodiac/Star Sign/Astrologist/Fortune-teller
    • Pick a star sign to use. This can be from traditional astrology, or from the Chinese Zodiac, if you wish. Look up the traits associated with your chosen sign, and do some research. You do NOT have to pick your own sign!
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim based on the traits and typical habits/styles for your chosen sign.
    • For the Build: Then, build them a house to match. If you’re having trouble building them a house, try imagining them as a fortune-teller, and give them a place to give readings.
  53. Movie/TV Character
    • Sim Creation: Pick a favorite or well liked movie or TV character, and – using a photo for reference – try to make your sim as close as possible to them.
    • For the Build: Build a lot, room, or venue based on a place your chosen character might go to or live at in the movie or TV show.
  54. Business Sim/Retail Store
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that’s all about making money in the corporate world, or by owning their own business.
    • For the Build: Then, build them their own business/retail store, or an office to work at. 
  55. Clown/Circus/Amusement Park
    • Sim Creation: Make a clown! I know not everyone likes clowns, so, alternatively, you could make someone else you might find working at a circus or amusement park.
    • For the Build: You don’t have to build them a whole amusement park, but I suppose you could try if you were really ambitious. If you go for a residential lot, celebrate your sim’s chosen profession with bright colors and fun activities.
  56. Redneck/Country music/Farm
    • Sim Creation: Make a die-hard fan of country music. Don’t forget the boots and hat!
    • For the Build: Now, build a farm for them. I suggest using one of the large lots for this, so you have plenty of space to add in fields and a barn. 
  57. Fairy Tale
    • Sim Creation: Pick your favorite fairy tale or myth and make a sim (or sims!) based on it.
    • For the Build: Make a room or lot based on the fairy tale. Example: if you picked Alice in Wonderland, you could make the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. 
  58. Artsy Sim
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who’s all about creating visual art. This could be painting or photography (this is based on what we have in game currently – they haven’t added stuff like sculptures yet – but you could pretend..), so don’t limit yourself to just painting. Alternatively, you could pick a famous artist and try to re-create them.
    • For the Build: Build them a studio, whether it’s a home or commercial one. You can also build them a home to go with the studio (if the studio is at home, for example). 
  59. Ghost/Ghost Hunter/Haunted House
    • Sim Creation: Make a ghost hunter sim – or, if you feel like it, make a ghost (by creating a sim, then killing them off in game and bringing them back as a ghost.) 
    • For the Build: Build a haunted house. Note: it doesn’t have to be actually haunted with sim ghosts, but if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, feel free to play Serial Killer with some townies and add their graves or urns to your haunted house. There are tombstones without ghosts in the build buy catalog, so if you’re not into killing sims, you could use those, instead.
  60. Disco Music/Hippie/Boho Home
    • Sim Creation: Go back to the 1960s and 70s and try to feel a little Disco Fever. Make a groovy sim!
    • For the Build: Build a bohemian style home for them. 
    • For a Room: Make a roller rink – either indoor or outdoor, and decorate around it.
  61. Pastels – pink, baby blue, seafoam, coral, lilac
    • Sim Creation: Make five sims, one for each above color.
    • For the Build: Build your sims a house, or at the minimum – build a room in their color for each sim.
  62. Civil Servant/Law Enforcement/Firefighter
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that’s all about helping others. Whether they’re a Social Worker, or a Police Officer, or a Firefighter. Decide who they’re into helping, how they help, and where.
    • For the Build: Build their workplace or home.
  63. Superhero
    • There’s an obsession with superheroes going around – in film and in print media – so there’s plenty to pick from. Decide your favorite, or create one of your own.
    • Sim Creation: Make your superhero as a Sim.
    • For the Build: Build him/her/them a base of operations.
  64. Memorial Day/Veteran’s Day/Military Sim
    • Sim Creation: Make a Military Sim. 
    • For the Build: Have fun with this one. You could simply build them a home, or you could make some base housing or barracks. 
  65. Tropical Jungle Biome/Adventurer/Rental Home
    • Sim Creation: Think Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, or Lara Croft. Now, you don’t have to create a sim just like them – but that’s the type of sim you’re looking for.
    • For the Build: If you have Jungle Adventures, Selvadorada would be a great place to build. Make a home-away-from home for your adventurer, including a spot for them to work on the artifacts/treasure they find.
  66. Victorian/Steampunk
    • Yes, I realize Victorian and Steampunk aren’t the same thing. Pick one as a theme – either try to be historically accurate, or imaginative and go for the Steampunk side of things.
    • Sim Creation: Create a sim or sims in your chosen style.
    • For the Build: Now, build them a home.
  67. Werewolf/Cave/Den
    • Sim Creation: Design a sim afflicted by Lycanthropy. Doesn’t have to be a werewolf per se, it could be some other species, like a cat. Obviously you won’t be able to make their shifted form, but imagine what it is and what changes that could make to their regular body over time.
    • For the Build: Build them a cave, or a den of some sort. Remember you can upsize rocks and scenery with the [ and ] buttons.
  68. Eco-sim/Nature Lover
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who’s all about saving our planet’s environment.
    • For the Build: Build an “off-the-grid” home for them. If you have Eco Lifestyle, make their home self sustainable. Another option that your sim could choose: go for a Tiny Home, to reduce their carbon footprint.
  69. Shell challenge/random sim
    • Sim Creation: Load up CAS and hit the random button until you find one that inspires you. Keep their face and body, and create their style with clothes and makeup.
    • For the Build: Search the Gallery in-game for a shell challenge. These are houses with nothing in them, sometimes just blank walls with no roof and build details. Typically, the rules state no moving of the outer walls, or editing the shape of the building. The goal is to finish the build. For this challenge’s purposes, use of cc/cheats is fine, and feel free to change any roofing, windows, doors, terrain, foundation, and/or balconies/decks and fencing. The important part is to leave the outside walls alone. Then add landscaping and furnish the house, designing the house style to match the random sim you made. There are lots of these “shell challenges” in the gallery, don’t feel like you have to pick one that’s still active and actually enter the “contest”, but you can if you’d like to (provided the rules match up). You never know, you might find that shell challenges are more fun than you’d expect.
  70. Internet sensation/Meme
    • Pick your favorite Blogger, Streamer, YouTuber, or Meme (and there’s plenty out there!!)
    • Sim Creation: Recreate them as a Sim, or make a sim to represent the Meme you chose.
    • For the Build: Build them a home for them to create in, or a room that represents the meme as closely as you can.
  71. Teenage runaway/trailer park
    • Sim Creation: Make a teenage Sim that’s been through some rough times. Imagine they’ve spent time on the streets and only recently found a place to live.
    • For the Build: Build a trailer park for them to live in. You don’t need to furnish the other “trailers”, but decorating the outside and adding some rudimentary landscaping would be good. Don’t forget the flamingoes and lawn gnomes! (I’m joking – you don’t actually have to put those in.)
  72. Cheerleader
    • Sim Creation: Pick your favorite sports team or high school to cheer for, and make a sim that’s on their cheer squad.
    • For the Build: Build a sports field or venue for them to cheer at. Be creative – this can be either a full lot, or just a room. You could also build a man-cave type room for watching sports and hosting parties (or include such a room in a house build.)
  73. Toddler/Play Date
    • Sim Creation: Make yourself a toddler or two, and a caregiver.
    • For the Build: Then make a home or park dedicated to toddler play dates. You could also make a preschool or daycare facility.
  74. Tropical Beach Biome/Surfer
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that loves the beach. 
    • For the Build: If you have Island Living, build them a home that’s right on the water. If not, imagine that they can see the water from their home.
  75. Apocalypse Survivor/Doomsday Prepper Bunker
    • Sim Creation: Not all of us are interested in starting a sims Apocalypse Challenge – but let’s pretend we are for a little bit. Make a Sim who survived an “end of the world” type disaster.
    • For the Build: Build your sim a bunker or underground dwelling. If you have the StrangerVille pack, there’s an old crashed plane you could use to disguise it. Try to imagine what the disaster was that ended the world, and how your Sim(s) survived it.
  76. Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Etc
    • Most countries/faiths have some type of year-end festival. Pick one that you like, or is appropriate for you.
    • Sim Creation: Build a Sim based on that holiday. Whether it’s a sim or sim-family that loves to celebrate it, or making Santa/Father Winter himself, be creative.
    • For the Build: Now, make a place that’s all about celebrating that holiday. Decorate as crazily as you’d like – for once, you won’t have to take down the decorations in a short while!
  77. Bird Lady/Sanctuary
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim that’s more than a little bit “bird-brained”. 
    • For the Build: Build them a place to enjoy watching the birds, or a sanctuary to house his/her/their pets.
  78. Computer Geek/Gamer
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim-gamer or computer programmer.
    • For the Build: Build a home with all the technology they crave, and a room dedicated to their computers.
  79. Typical Family/Suburban Home
    • Sim Creation: Make the average, typical “Leave it to Beaver” – style family. Make at least 3-4 sims.
    • For the Build: Build them a generic suburban home. Now, make sure to give each of their rooms hints of your sims’ personality.
  80. Desert Biome/Old West/Cowboy(or girl)
    • Sim Creation: Imagine a sim from the American Old West. Whether they’re a pioneer or a dueling outlaw, try to imagine them living in a harsh, tumbleweed-strewn landscape. 
    • For the Build: Try to build a typical old-west street, or just a saloon. The Get Famous pack has a lot of props that would work to make this more authentic, but with some creativity, you could make it without that pack. Building in the sandy district in Oasis Springs would be a good idea.
  81. Book Character
    • Sim Creation: Pick your favorite book. Make a sim based on one of the characters in the book. 
    • For the Build: Build a home or venue based on one in the book.
  82. Perfect Partner/Dream House
    • Sim Creation: Make your “perfect partner.”
    • For the Build: Build your Dream House.
  83. Hip-hop/Rap music
    • Sim Creation: Either pick a real life artist, or make up your own.
    • For the Build: Build your music artist his own home, including a “studio”. 
  84. Summer/Backyard Pool Party/Barbeque
    • Sim Creation: Make a Sim who loves the summer and holding pool/ backyard bbq parties with their friends. You could even create their friends.
    • For the Build: Focus on the backyard and pool area. (In other words, make sure they have a pool). Give your sim a place to grill some burgers, and some water activities (like a slide) if you have those packs. In fact, the house could be unfurnished if you want. Use this theme as a time to practice your landscaping/outside decor skills.
  85. Monster/Animal/Cryptid
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim based on an animal or a monster – do NOT use the animal costumes to cheat your way past trying to make monstrous or animalistic features. Making something like a yeti, bigfoot, mothman, etc, is also fine.
    • For the Build: Where does your chosen monster or animal live? Make them a lot to call “home”.
  86. Element – earth, air, fire, water
    • Sim Creation: Pick an element (or all four of them) and make a sim based on it.
    • For the Build: Build a house, room(s), or venue based on the element you picked. If you picked more than one element, include all the ones you picked into your build. 
  87. Girly-girl
    • Sim Creation: The exact opposite of your earlier tomboy, this time make a female child or teen who’s all about getting prettied up.
    • For the Build: Build them a room (in a house if you want) designed just for them. (Make sure they have room for all the clothes they’ll get from shopping, and their multitude of shoes!)
  88. Family – a member of your family
    • Sim Creation: Make a member of your real life family – whether adopted or biological family. Use a picture of them to try to get the features as close as possible. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, make more than one member of your family.
    • For the Build: Build your childhood home, or where your chosen family member lives. Try to pick a place to build that is NOT where you currently live, since that is a requirement for another day’s theme.
  89. Robot/Mechanical Engineer
    • Sim Creation: Build a sim who loves robots and bionics. 
    • For the Build: You don’t have to actually make them a robot (since you can’t create one of those in CAS) – but give them a workshop to make their own. If you don’t have Discover University, use your imagination when building their home and shop.
  90. Medieval
    • Sim Creation: Make a Medieval sim. A knight or a princess. Imagine what they might be like. Did they have lands and titles? Or were they one of the tenants, helping with the farming?
    • For the Build: Build your sim a manor home or castle. Feel free to Google for inspiration.
  91. Singer/Band
    • Sim Creation: Choose one of your favorite singers or bands, and using a photo for reference, try to recreate them.
    • For the Build: Build a home or hotel suite built just for them. Be extravagant.
  92. Mountain/Cliff/Rock Climber
    • Sim Creation: Make an outdoorsy sim. 
    • For the Build: Then, build them a home. Use the terrain tools, and try to make an (accessible!) home on a mountain or cliff-edge.A larger lot might be useful here. If you have the Fitness Stuff pack, give them a rock climbing wall somewhere inside or outside their home.
  93. Townie Nightmare/EA Makeover
    • Sim Creation: Option One – make an EA townie (does not necessarily have to be from Sims 4) completely from memory. Don’t peek! Afterwards, go look and see how close you got. Option Two – save a townie of your choice and give them a makeover. Don’t change body style or faces.
    • For the Build: Pick an EA home, apartment, or venue and give it a facelift. You know they pretty much all need it!
  94. Fairy
    • Sim Creation: While we don’t have Fairies in Sims 4 (yet), but imagine that we do. Make one.
    • For the Build: Build them a magical home.
  95. Untraditional Family
    • Sim Creation: Take the earlier idea of creating a “traditional”/ “Leave it to Beaver” family – and this time, do the opposite. Let your imagination guide you. Again, make at least 3-4 sims.
    • For the Build: What sort of home would this family live in? Make it.
  96. Gambler/Casino
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who loves to gamble, is addicted to gambling, or is a professional gambler. (Or all three in one?)
    • For the Build: Make them a casino/place to gamble. What sort of game do they play/gamble on? Cards? Don’t wake the Llama? Or something more sinister…
  97. Weather
    • Pick a type of weather. Rain, Sunny, Thunderstorm, Snow, Blizzard.. Pick your favorite, or one that inspires you.
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim who loves that kind of weather. Think of what outerwear or styles might go with that kind of weather. (You could, if ambitious, make more than one weather sim using different kinds of weather as inspiration. Seasons would be helpful, but not required.)
    • For the Build: Build a house themed around your chosen weather.
  98. Pride Day
    • Pick a sexuality to celebrate. 
    • Sim Creation: Make a sim (or Sims!)
    • For the Build: Use their “flag” and flag colors to design a home for them. 
  99. Student/University
    • Sim Creation: Make a college student. Try to figure out what their likes and dislikes might be, what their degree program is.
    • For the Build: Build them a dorm – or a fraternity/sorority house. Don’t use the ones provided with Discover University, although feel free to use one of the residential lots there.
  100. Future Sim & House
    • Sim Creation: For your 100th sim (household), think of where we might be in the future. What would the styles be like? Will humans look the same? Or will Aliens take over? (Grin)
    • For the Build: What will our homes look like? Will anything still be green? Or will we have to leave planet earth for somewhere else? Will we finally have flying cars?! Be creative!

If you got all the way here, congratulations! You should be a whole lot better at making sims and building by now! As a bonus/final piece, either take one of your old creations, and update it to be better with the skills you gained while working on this challenge or reach into your own imagination and create a new household and house based on whatever theme you can come up with. Compare your final pieces with the first creations you completed in this challenge to see how far you’ve come!