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Hello!  You’ve found my sims 3 & 4 blog.  I’m known as IllusoryThrall on Sims 3/4 Forums, and Wyldhawke on modthesims.com, boolprop, and on Origin.  Feel free to send me a friends request on any or all of those. I’ll be using this site for blogging on my Sims 3 & 4 Challenge games.  Challenge games are just that – games I’ve started for any Challenge I’ve either come up with or found that I want to try.  I’m going to TRY to not have too many active at any one time, and most will probably have a story to go with them.  I haven’t tried blogging challenge stories before for Sims 2 (and back in Sims 1 I didn’t even KNOW about Challenges – I mostly built and fiddled around in the game.. hehe) – so this should be interesting.  You’ll all have to bear with me as I practice stretching creative muscles I haven’t used for a while..  *grin*

Update: I am now streaming The Sims 4 on my Twitch channel! For more information on my streaming schedule, check my Twitch page or the information page on my blog here.

Current Posting Rotation/Schedule: (Updated 6/11/21)

How I’m hoping this will work: I will be finishing generations to complete each rotation. So, example: I’ll finish the generations in progress for the first three challenges, then move to the next rotation. How long this will take for each rotation, I don’t know. Hopefully not too long. My target goal would be finishing them in less than a month for each rotation. Also: I do this rotation so I can keep my sims game as “fresh” as possible… so if I’m really “feeling” one rotation over another, I reserve the right to change where I go next.

Rotation One: (trying to finish gens before July 22nd, will move on even if not done!)

Tails of Sulani (Mermaid Legacy) – On Gen 3 of 10
The Ramblers (Drifter Challenge) – On Gen 13 of 24
Thrall’s Master Simmer – 7 of 80 Goal Sets complete

Side Rotation:1 (Starting July 22nd, 2021)
1this rotation can be stuck in between any other rotation, allowing it to happen more often. I will note when this is active or next in the rotation.

The Diversity Experiment (Rebuild Vol 1 & 2 Challenge) – On Gen 1 of 100
Decades Challenge War (Two Simultaneous Decades Challenges with different start conditions and and aging rules.) – In the 1890s with both

Rotation Two:

Foreshadowed Sunset (Vampire Lineage) – On Gen 1 of 10
Those Crazy Irish (Alphabetcy ISBI) – On Gen 3 of 26
Falconvale EPIC – On Gen 1 of 10

Rotation Three:

The Broomstick Files (Magical Legacy challenge) – On Gen 1 of 5
Bundles From Sixam (Alien 100 baby challenge) – 6/100 Kids Moved Out
Who’s Crazy Now? (Backwards ISBI) Play & Post – On Gen 1 of 7

Challenges Authored by Me: (Updated 3/23/21)

Challenges Edited by Me2: (Updated 3/23/21)
2These are hosted on Google Docs, not on my blog, so be aware the links will open in a new window.

My Current Challenge Attempts3 (Updated 6/5/21)
3sorted by blog style

Commentary Style blogging:

Story Style Blogging:

Streamed Live on Twitch:

  • Hard Mode Decades Challenge (Jacobson Family)
  • All Packs Updated and Extended Not So Berry Challenge (Schwartz Family)
  • Timeline Adventure Challenge testing play-through (Adventurer Family)
  • RainbowSins Challenge (Hyde Family) – this is my Wed. evening challenge!
  • Winchester Mystery House Challenge (Winchester Family)

Not Blogged:


“On Hiatus” Challenges (Updated 6/5/21)

Past Challenges (Updated On 6/11/21)

  • Thrall’s Drifter(Retired) My old Sims 4 Drifter Challenge – blogged commentary style. Decided to restart my Drifter after my hiatus from Sims and not wanting to sort through screenshots taken over a year previously and try to figure out where exactly I was.
  • Spectres of the Past” (NiF/Apocalypse – Sims 3) – On Hiatus – My second favorite challenge from a story point of view. (First favorite is my retired challenge, Falconvale.) This is the one that my family thinks of when they think of my Sims blogging. Very much a story driven challenge – it stalled due to the game not working quite the way I wanted it to. i.e. A “random chance” happening when it was supposed to (or happening at all, really.) I finally resolved that issue and it is just now coming back into my writing cycle.
  • Falcon Apocalypse” Challenge (Sims 3) – On Hiatus – Yeah, I know, this one should probably have a better name.. but I never came up with one, but this is what I’ve been calling it, so the name stuck. The family name is “Falcon”, and it’s a straight-up Sims 3 Apocalypse challenge, so that’s where the name came from. Just restarted this one, and am blogging a story to go with it (Game-driven story).
  • Castaway Shores” NiF Challenge  (Sims 3) – On Hiatus – This is an old challenge I just got working again… so I’m really looking forward to playing it some more again. I’ve been missing the “NiF” challenges for such a long time, and the whole idea of doing one in the Island Paradise world as a castaway was too much to resist. (Game-driven story)

Completed Challenges (Updated On 6/11/21)

Planned Challenges (Updated On 6/11/21)