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Hello!  You’ve found my sims 3 & 4 blog.  I’m known as IllusoryThrall on Sims 3/4 Forums, and Wyldhawke on modthesims.com and on Origin.  Feel free to send me a friends request on any or all of those. I’ll be using this site for blogging on my Sims 3 & 4 Challenge games.  Challenge games are just that – games I’ve started for any Challenge I’ve either come up with or found that I want to try.  I’m going to TRY to not have too many active at any one time, and most will probably have a story to go with them.  I haven’t tried blogging challenge stories before for Sims 2 (and back in Sims 1 I didn’t even KNOW about Challenges – I mostly built and fiddled around in the game.. hehe) – so this should be interesting.  You’ll all have to bear with me as I practice stretching creative muscles I haven’t used for a while..  *grin*

For now, if you’re looking for some information about me, Click Here.

Current Posting Rotation/Schedule: (updated 7/12/20)

How this works: each month, I’ll be playing a rotation of four challenges. Every four months, I will be back to the first rotation. Splitting them up will (I think) alleviate the problem I’ve been running into of just not “connecting” with these Sims – and having four at a time will keep me from getting bored. Rotation One will start in July with Simnano. One challenge, Plumbobbing Through Time (Exploring History Challenge) will remain out of the true “rotation” at all times, as I’m playing that one for fun/testing my challenge.

Rotation One: (Started July 1st, 2020)

Tails of Sulani (Mermaid Legacy) Play & Post
The Ramblers (Drifter Challenge) Play & Post
? – I don’t know what, if anything, I will add in here
As-Yet-Unnamed (Decades Challenge) – will be started after Knitting pack comes out

Rotation Two: (Coming August 2020)

The Broomstick Files (Magical Legacy challenge) Play & Post
Bundles From Sixam (Alien 100 baby challenge) Play & Post
Who’s Crazy Now? (Backwards ISBI) Play & Post
Falconvale EPIC Play & Post

Rotation Three: (Coming September 2020)

Foreshadowed Sunset (Vampire Lineage) Play & Post
Those Crazy Irish (Alphabetcy ISBI) Play & Post
The Wyld Game (Name Game Challenge) Play & Post
Thrall’s Master Simmer Play & Post

Rotation Four: (Coming October 2020)

Island Spirits (Sulani History Challenge) Play & Post
Bell Booms (Baby Boom challenge) Play & Post
That’s Life (Board Game challenge) Play & Post
Townie Rotation Play & Post

Challenges Authored by Me: (Updated 2/9/20)

Current Projects: (Updated 6/22/20)

  • The Townie Rotation – An indefinitely played game where I take the EA premade sims and see where their lives could go. – commentary style.

Current Challenges (Updated 6/22/20)

Commentary Style blogging:

Story Style Blogging:

Not Blogged:

  • Mystery Mansion Challenge

“On Hiatus” Challenges (Updated 6/22/20)

  • Build-a-Pack Challenge (Sims 4 Build challenge)
  • A Sims 4 Alphabetcy (Random Legacy to 26 generations) – Not blogging this one, currently on generation 3.
  • Settlers Challenge (Sims 4)
  • The Travelers” – a Sims 4 Drifter challenge with a game-driven story. – On Hiatus

Past Challenges (Updated On 6/22/20)

  • Apartment Switch Testing Phases – “Normal” and “Extreme” difficulty
  • Thrall’s Drifter(Retired) My old Sims 4 Drifter Challenge – blogged commentary style. Decided to restart my Drifter after my hiatus from Sims and not wanting to sort through screenshots taken over a year previously and try to figure out where exactly I was.
  • Spectres of the Past” (NiF/Apocalypse – Sims 3) – On Hiatus – My second favorite challenge from a story point of view. (First favorite is my retired challenge, Falconvale.) This is the one that my family thinks of when they think of my Sims blogging. Very much a story driven challenge – it stalled due to the game not working quite the way I wanted it to. i.e. A “random chance” happening when it was supposed to (or happening at all, really.) I finally resolved that issue and it is just now coming back into my writing cycle.
  • Falcon Apocalypse” Challenge (Sims 3) – On Hiatus – Yeah, I know, this one should probably have a better name.. but I never came up with one, but this is what I’ve been calling it, so the name stuck. The family name is “Falcon”, and it’s a straight-up Sims 3 Apocalypse challenge, so that’s where the name came from. Just restarted this one, and am blogging a story to go with it (Game-driven story).
  • Castaway Shores” NiF Challenge  (Sims 3) – On Hiatus – This is an old challenge I just got working again… so I’m really looking forward to playing it some more again. I’ve been missing the “NiF” challenges for such a long time, and the whole idea of doing one in the Island Paradise world as a castaway was too much to resist. (Game-driven story)

Planned Challenges (Updated On 7/12/20)